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Builders Association of South Florida (BASF)

Builders Association of South FloridaThe Builders Association of South Florida (BASF) has an impressive resume that spans 65 years of service to the building industry. Its strong member support and representation in the public and the private sectors helps promote and further the local building industry and serve the community. BASF’s award-winning government affairs department provides its members advocacy at all levels of government.

“We help our members network and do business, and we protect our industry’s needs in the local market,” says Ashley Bosch, immediate past president of Builders Association of South Florida.

The backbone of the Builders Association of South Florida is its member volunteers. From legislative to hands-on volunteer work, the association’s 650-plus members are involved in all aspects of their community. “Our volunteers are our strength,” says Bosch. “They are committed to giving their time and being engaged participants in our community and our industry,”

Who can join?

“Our members are builders, developers, general contractors, remodelers and individuals from different backgrounds,” says Bosch. “Anyone who is looking for networking potential possibilities and has an interest or deals with our industry is welcome to join.”

What are the benefits of joining?

BASF helps members access an array of programs and services at a low cost. “When you join the Builders Association of South Florida, you automatically become a member of the Florida Home Builders Association (FHBA), as well as the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB),” says Bosch, “giving members access to powerful tools, including access to expert advisors and nationally recognized educational programs. 

What type of educational sessions are available?

“Right now, we are focusing on getting people back to work and putting money back into their pockets,” says Bosch. BASF recently completed a series of informative sessions with major procurement and government directors who provided members a thorough understanding of how a government contract is awarded. BASF also provides courses for continuing education credits so general contractors can maintain their licenses.

“We are an eclectic group so sessions are in English,” says Bosch. “However, we have held sessions in Spanish in the past. We provide as much language help as we can to make our events as friendly as possible.”

Are non-members welcome to BASF events?

Most events are open to members and non-members. “The construction industry is a major player in the local, state and national economy,” says Bosch, “and has a direct impact on how our community will grow in the future, so we welcome everyone in the industry or anyone who wants to learn about it. We encourage non-members to get involved and become future leaders in our organization.”

What are BASF’s most popular programs and services?

“We offer excellent discount programs to our members with major corporations, like The Home Depot,” says Bosch. “Our discounted insurance program, offered in conjunction with the State ofFlorida, is another great benefit for members.”

For additional information and a complete list of Builders Association of South Florida programs, services and educational sessions, visit or call (305) 556-6300. 

–By Adriana Sibaja